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Pasaje Los Andes, Casa #2 Colonia Campestre,
San Salvador

Phone: (714)785-4473 USA, 011-503-2264-4085 ES,

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Fernando Basail, MD Email to: ferbasmed@aol.com

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Created 9/1/2008
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Hospital de Diagnostico

Therapies Used

Psychology and Psychotherapy
Pain Management
Intravenous Nutrient Therapy


Bryomixol homeopathic cancer treatment is on the cutting edge of alternative cancer treatment technology. We have FDA approval in El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatemala. Our modern clinic and the outstanding hospital facilities in El Salvador are available to you today. The faster you get to an effective therapy, the better your chance of survival will be. Our treatment is effective. We don't claim that our treatment will cure every kind of cancer, but we have had an amazingly high success rate with liver cancer, and other systemic cancers.****** We have some of the latest technologies available that are not yet being used in the United States, and probably won't be for several years. ***** PHILOSOPHY ***** We believe that man is a spiritual, physical, and mental being, in active interaction with his social, cultural and family environment. ******* Over the last 15 years we have come to learn that the problems affecting patients with cancer and other immunosuppressive diseases cannot be resolved solely with the classic traditional medical resources available. ***** Despite all the new and revolutionary cancer treatment technologies: chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery, no cure has been found to date for this disease. Faced with this reality, it becomes necessary to focus on a non-toxic natural immunostimulating supplemental treatment that views the patient as a whole being and an individual, helping him to fight his illness and recover his quality of life and personal dignity. ***** OUR HISTORY ***** Bryomixol formulas were developed in post-war Germany and then taken to South America, where, since the 1980's, it has been used extensively in human medicine. Hundreds of cancer patients have been treated with this medication in South America, with excellent results. ***** Bryomixol is a great scientific development and a significant advancement in the area of supplemental and preventive treatment of cancer. ***** Certain researchers in the United States have become interested in determining the precise therapeutic value of these new medications, which are capable of curtailing the advance of cancer, without any toxic effect to the patient. ****** Clinical testing conducted in vitro, on experimental animals, and on human volunteers has demonstrated the effectiveness of the Bryomixol treatment, as a re-energizer of physical and mental performance, with powerful immunomodulating and immunostimulating characteristic. *****

Illnesses Treated

Cancer and Immune Building, Dysfunction of the Nervous System Other conditions (send email or call)

Therapies/Services Provided

Bryomixol Therapy, Homeopathic Intervenous Infusion, Emotional-Attitudinal Realignment, Traditional allopathic approach, when needed

Physicians Names

Dr. Cesar Bertacchini, MD Oncologist, Dr. Fernando C. Basail, MD, MHS, PA, Dr. Miguel A. Reyes, MD, MSC, German A. Cea Cerro, MD

General Cost

$10,000. USD, includes 3 mo. takehome meds

Payment Methods Accepted

Credit Cards, Wire Transfer

General Length of Stay

10 days + 3 months home treatment

Recovered Patients Contact

http://www.our-bryomixol-experience.com/index.html - - - - - http://caringbridge.org/visit/lesliemcnertney - - - - - - Robin Wilcox, email her at risetwo@aol.com - - - - - - Megan Walden, email her at 3waldens@bellsouth.net, or call Megan at 904-269-0026 (eastern time zone) - - - - - MORE TO COME, as soon as we receive permissions...

Related Readings

see videos on our website - http://bryomed.net (latest version) or http://bryomed.com

General Description

OUR BRYOMIXOL TREATMENT HAS THREE PHASES: ***** Phase One: ***** Attack Phase, consisting of two weeks of intense treatment at our specialized center in Central America. There, the patient is fully evaluated at the clinical level by our physician specialists. Using the most modern diagnostic techniques of traditional medicine, the physician specialists establish a specific treatment protocol for the initial attack with Bryomixol, customized for each particular case. The patient is placed under observation, with personalized care during these initial days, and an evaluation is made of each patient’s therapeutic response to the Bryomixol treatment. ***** Phase Two: ***** Once this initial-attack treatment is completed, the patient commences the second phase of Bryomixol therapy upon returning home. Under the supervision of his local family doctor, the patient will be treated with a specific Bryomixol protocol for 90 days. ***** In this second phase, the patient can and should combine the traditional treatments recommended by his oncologist with Bryomixol treatment, following the specific indications for each particular case. ****** Phase Three: ****** At the end of 90 days, Phase Three or the “maintenance phase” of Bryomixol treatment is commenced. This phase varies in duration for each particular case, based on the new evaluation of the patient, recommended at the end of the 90-day treatment. ****** This new medical evaluation can take place at our medical center in Central America (it will take a few days). Alternatively, it can be conducted by the patient’s original doctor or the local physicians of our group who are familiar with Bryomixol treatment in each country. ******

Latest Blog Entry

"Guilt, Pleasure and Homeopathy in El Salvador"

Wednesday, September 03, 2008 @12:18:18 PM

from August 2008 - CANCER VICTOR’S LIFELINE NEWSLETTER  - by Lizet Freeman

Guilt, Pleasure & Homeopathy in El Salvador

   Hospital de Diagnóstico


 I’ve long been a proponent for non-toxic medicine and have researched cancer clinics since I first learned of the Gerson’s work back in 1981. I’ve attended various Cancer Conferences in the US and I have became accustomed to the clinics that recommend fresh raw juices or raw foods, strict diets with the elimination of many “naughty” foods, detoxification procedures, special vitamins, minerals, & enzymes, cellular therapies, the use of frequency machines, and urine-based and herbal-based preparations. 

However a few weeks ago I learned of something that was quite new to me. 


I was visiting at the home of a friend and I was introduced to one of the head doctors from the El Salvador clinic that had put her husband’s pancreatic cancer in remission. I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Fernando Basail, MD, of the Hospital de Diagnóstico, a cancer clinic in San Salvador, El Salvador.  Right then and there he introduced me to a new concept in cancer treatment which his clinic delivers to patients who come from all over the world. 


Dr. Basail invited me to visit his clinic in San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador, to observe the program that has achieved the following  success rates (based on studies from 1992 to 2006 of over 8,771 patients – over half of which were in Stage 4 -).

75%-82% of Stage 4 patients were in remission or cancer free for 5 years - over a large variety of cancer types including: digestive system, skin & mucus membrane, bone cancers, colon cancers, endometrial, male reproductive, female reproductive, respiratory, nervous system, head & neck, and other types as well.  The staff of the Hospital de Diagnóstico cancer clinic includes: Cesar E. Bertacchini, M.D., oncologist; Fernando C. Basail, M.D., M.H.S., P.A.; Miguel A. Reyes. M.D , MSC; German Cea Cerros, MD; and Felix F. Carpio-Cedraro, M.D., M.P.H.   Go to http://bryomed.com/english/aboutus/specialist.php to view their credentials.


I was curious to know how this program from El Salvador worked.  Dr. Fernando Basail revealed that the mental/emotional as well as the biochemical aspects must both be addressed.


Regarding emotions, Doctor Basail stressed that the guilt that many cancer patients felt as well as the abandonment of pleasure are just two of the many possibilities his clinic focuses on in order to improve a patient’s attitudinal wellness. He warned me that the negative emotions could be as damaging to patients as were the tumors.


Regarding biochemistry, the immune system is the target.  An intra-venous (IV) drip infusion of a special homeopathic mixture of known as the Bryomixol Program, prepared from special plants grown in tropical soils is administered one or two times daily for 2 weeks while the patient is at the clinic. This is followed by a 3 month home program consisting of the Bryomixol blend, either by IV drip or orally. 


Well, that sounded simple enough to me. Essentially I must clean up my emotions and take an IV drip of a homeopathic blend one or two times per day for two weeks.  This Bryomixol mixture would energize and activate my immune system. I would be tested so I could see the improvements in my blood values.  That’s right,… no special diet unless a patient is diabetic or has some other consideration.  I would be told to eat whatever I like and to have fun the rest of the time.  I would be emerged in an environment that is “human” (as opposed to the kind of treatment that one obtains at Stanford), respectful, appreciative of me, and pleasurable.  


So then I wanted to know exactly what Bryomixol is. At that point I learned that Bryomixol OncoTabs and Bryomixol IV are medical products with energizing and immunostimulating properties, based on the combination of various substances of vegetable and mineral origin at different concentrations, diluted in a neutral medium.
The soil characteristics and climate conditions of Central America are ideal for growing certain plants from which the therapeutic elements comprising the homeopathic formulations are extracted in their purest form. It is also an ideal location for harvesting certain of the formulation's minerals found along the Central American coastline.

Therefore, Bryomixol IV and OncoTabs are registered in Central America and is being manufactured in high-tech laboratories employing the safeguards and Good Manufacturing Practices required by today's pharmaceutical industry.


The IV infusion quickly activates one’s own immune system using the NK (Natural Killer cells) ACE Path (Accessory Cellular Energy Path) so the patient’s immune system can perform without unpleasant secondary effects. 

When it’s time to go home from the clinic the patient would take enough of the Bryomixol medications home to last 90 days.  It could be in various forms: a) IV Infusions (intravenously), these would need the help of a qualified nurse or doctor to apply them; b)  Intramuscular, injections, c) Oral, sublingual tablets and/or drops, and d) nebulizers. 

All of this was extremely interesting to me so I went a step further and interviewed two patients who had recently returned from the El Salvador clinic.

Ms. R. Wilcox, of Northern CA, told me that she had traveled from the Oakland to El Salvador on TACA Airlines, for $500 non-stop round trip.  Ms. Wilcox enthused about the flight as this airline boasts they have the newest planes in the sky.  It took 4.75 hours to arrive and she was met at the airport by an extremely helpful bilingual personal guide sent from the clinic.  “I was given an international cell phone so I could be in touch with my family back home and also make local calls.  I stayed in a beautiful hotel suite, ate my breakfast on the terrace listening to hundreds of birds and looking at a fabulous view.  First thing every morning I went over to the clinic for my IV Infusion.  Then they took me to the spa for a massage, or for a facial, and I had my guide to teach me about the country and the people.  One of the doctors was a member at an exclusive beach club and we went there several times to eat and hang out with others from the clinic.  The guide was very enthusiastic and was ready to go out at the drop of a hat. “

Ms. Wilcox confided that she went to the El Salvador to deal with a rare ocular melanoma. “While I was en route to the clinic I was worried.  I did not know what to expect.  When I began the IV Infusions I was pleased because I felt no reaction or side-effects.  I breathed my first sigh of relief because the infusion fluid did not make me nauseous.  In the clinic I received blood tests when I arrived, half way through my stay, and again before I left for home”, she explained.  “In those tests I saw a doubling of my immune blood cells!”  “At the beginning of my trip I was lacking energy.  At the end of my stay I felt much more energetic.  While in the hotel I was so full of energy I was waking up between 4:30 and 5 am every day. And since I was free to eat the delicious local foods I put on some weight while I was there which was great.  I also noticed that there was little waiting at this clinic.  When a MRI was requested it was taken immediately, no 5 day wait.  I’d say that the clinic was designed with healing and respect of the patient as the foremost value.”

Some alternative programs are unpleasant, painful, or restrictive, and allopathic procedures have even engendered feelings of shame and despair. In contrast, Ms. Wilcox said,   “Going to this clinic was an expansive, supportive, easy, and pleasurable time.  I want to write a book about it, because I had fun. My driver took me everywhere as they would not let me take cabs, … it was much more friendly than my cancer fight back home and I felt that the clinic crew was like a family.  I surrendered to the increased friendliness.  I ate dinner at the homes of people I had just met.  I felt included and important.


“I am now on the first 30 days of my home treatment.  I am stable and experiencing no symptoms at all.”

Ms. Wilcox gave her sincere recommendation, “If anyone is told by the American oncologists that there is nothing more that can be done for them, I would heartily recommend that they visit this clinic in El Salvador.  It was definitely the best thing I could do.”

- - - - -

Then I spoke with Mr. Taylor of Los Angeles.   Mr. Taylor told me he had been diagnosed with a squamous cell carcinoma and the only way he could deal with it was chemo, radiation and surgery .  Mr. Taylor recounted, “I asked lots of questions about what the surgery would be like, what I would look like after the surgery, what the cause of this cancer was, and many other questions.  I did my own research and learned that my cancer was caused by the toxic environment he lived in on a daily basis.  Toxic foods, dental work, military exposure to toxins, were the causes.  I went to many specialists and became totally confused, head and neck men, oncologists, and naturopaths. I went for MRIs,… I didn’t want chemo because that would be just more poison.  I was told that I would be dead in 4 months if I did nothing.” 

“Some people I knew told me about ‘alternative medicine’.  So I did a detox from Feb 8 until May.  During that time I lost 65 pounds and weighed 157 before going to the clinic.  During my first 4 days in El Salvador the cancer started to come out of my body through my cheek.  And these clinic people started treating me during the first 4 hours I was in the country.  I was on the IV Infusion, and they were very professional.  They drove me to my hotel room, they waited on me hand and foot, they served me like a king,… the clinic people treated me like family.  I felt very positive.  It was like a home away from home.  I didn’t feel like I was missing my family or friends.  Every single day I was in contact with the doctors, all day, everyday.  They did blood tests, MRIs, urine tests, Xrays.  Every thing came back normal.

“Once I got started at the clinic the pain rapidly left me.  They stabilized my body and brought up my immune system (which was shot}.  I could hardly walk, I didn’t want to eat anything, … I was afraid of food.  They told me to eat, eat, eat.  They told me not to worry about it.  When I arrived there I was happy to be able to eat “anything” because previously I had been unable to eat because I couldn’t chew.  I couldn’t really talk that long because of the tumor that was inside my mouth.  It was between the upper and lower jaw.  I also couldn’t sleep.  And when I got to El Salvador I found out the exact reason why I couldn’t sleep.  It was because of the cancer my muscles in my neck and in my jaw were sending the wrong signals to my brain at night so I couldn’t shut down and go to sleep. 

 “So they prescribed some muscle relaxants and from then on I could get 6-8 hours sleep per night.  And during the first 3 days I was there I woke up at 4:30 am and noticed that the tumor was coming out through my cheek.  It is actually supposed to do that, the fluid they give me forces the tumor out through the skin.  It burst open like a pimple and it drained for about 1.5 hours.  When I went in to the clinic they knew exactly what was happening.  They had another fellow who had the same type of cancer but his was worse and his did the same thing and they cleared him up in ten days. They told me exactly what color the drainage fluid was, how it smelled, and everything.

“Long story short, I began to eat and gain weight.  I gained 20 pounds.  My immune system is up and strong.  I’m having no pain at all.   I’m now taking IVs three times a week, and I’ll be doing that for the next 30 days, then I’ll be taking 2 IVs per week for the second 30 days.  Then I’ll take one IV per week for the third 30 days.  Then I’ll go back for a tune-up.”

I asked Mr. Taylor how he found Dr. Basail. He told me that he heard about the El Salvador clinic through the head football coach as USC.  Mr. Taylor considers the Brymixol treatment a blessing from God.

To learn more about the clinic, the staff, the program and the research go to the websites at: http://bryomed.net  and  http://bryomed.com  , email Dr. Basail at ferbasmed@aol.com  call 714-785-4473 or the clinic office 011-503-2264-4085


Fernando C. Basail, M.D., M.H.S., P.A.

Medical Doctorate from Cordoba National University, Argentina. Family Practice Program at U.C. Davis Medical School, P.A. Program. Master in Health Sciences from Touro University, New York. Primary Care Provider for Altamed Health Services Corp., California. Medical consultant for the Complementary Medicine Center, San Salvador, El Salvador. Currently the Vice President of PharmaTech. Also licensed MD in California.




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11/25/2008 1:57:24 PM
My name is Megan. I am a 34 y.o. stage IV breast cancer survivor with mets to bone. I was originally diagnosed in '96 with stage II invasive intraductal carcinoma of the breast. I enjoyed 9 years of remission but have currently been on and off chemotherapy for the last two years. I first learned about Dr. Bertacchini and Dr. Basail through my cousin in Orlando. He had befriended these wonderful men through other networks about 2 years ago. I was very interested because my cousin had actually been to San Salvador to visit the Bryomixol/Pharmatech clinic. It is a very rare occasion that you get first hand information about a complementary therapy for cancer patients! My cousin asked if he could have Dr. Basail contact me to give me more information about the treatment. Of course I agreed and 20 minutes later Dr. Basail was on the phone with me. We spoke for 45 minutes. ( I don't think my oncologist has ever personally called me much less talked to me for 45 min!!) Dr. Basail was kind and patient as I asked many question and he gave many answers. At the end of our conversation, I asked if he would be willing to speak with my husband. I knew that Mark had different questions about the treatment than I did. He of course agreed and spoke to my husband the next day for about 45 minutes also. Tired of taking Chemo and failing on it, I was desperately looking for an alternative and this one fell right into my lap! About 1 month after speaking to Dr. Basail, I was landing in beautiful San Salvador with my husband, mother and two young boys. We decided this was a dis-ease that affects the family, so the whole family should be a part of this experience. What a wonderful decision that was. My family still talks about our trip to San Salvador and the new friends we met there. Upon arriving at the airport, we were greeted by the two staff members of Pharmatech who drove us to The Radisson Hotel, San Salvador. This is a fantastic hotel with a very attentive and helpful staff, most of whom speak at least some English. We arrived at the Radisson and were encouraged to check in eat some lunch. After a wonderful buffet lunch at The Hotel we were again greeted by Pharmatech staff and driven a short distance to Hospital de Diagnostico. This is where my healing would begin! I was introduced to Dr. Rayes and his staff nurse at the clinic. I should mention here that I am also a registered labor and delivery nurse. Having a medical background helped ease my fears of being treated in a foreign country. I may not have been able to speak the language but I knew the techniques they used in the clinic were professional and appropriate. My portacath was accessed everyday by Dr Rayes himself. This was a real change since my oncologist at home probably couldn't even tell you what side my port is on:) I was greeted everyday by Dr Bertacchini who sat with me for the majority of every treatment answering any questions I had. He is so encouraging and loving.....a genuine human being who changed the way I will look at cancer forever!! He has taught me to live in harmony with my cancer not to be scared of my cancer. He taught me that cancer patients should be treated as individuals not statistics. I never once felt fear or anxiety while in San Salvador. It is probably the most relaxed I have been in 2 years! I, for the first time, felt like a human being and not a number in the waiting room. I was welcomed with hugs and kisses everyday; smiling faces and positive attitudes were in abundance. For the first time in 2 years I was actually looking forward to getting treatment!! That alone had a big impact on my mental health. During my 10 day health vacation, as I like to call it, I was treated to a massage and facial at one of the most beautiful spa locations I have ever seen. The view is of one of the 14 volcanos in El Salvador..... truly breathtaking. The staff was very professional and accommodating and the facility was top notch. We were also taken to Dr. Betacchini's beach club for the day, Joya del Pacifico.....Jewel of the Pacific. It was exactly that. A quiet unpretentious beach club that just begged you to relax and enjoy. I had the best ceveche ever here and the pina coladas were made from fresh coconuts right on the property. The beach is private and vast. I felt like I could walk the entire coast of El Salvador if I wanted. The food in San Salvador was realIy top notch. We NEVER had a bad meal and we visited every ethnic cuisine you could think of...except American, of course:) We also enjoyed some of the best Chinese food I have ever had....who knew you had to go to San Salvador for it:) I was treated to local cuisine by the doctors of Pharmatech which was also wonderful. Every recommendation the Pharmatech staff gave for dining was great! Even the fried chicken at the airport was good....Pollo Campero:)....so good that people get large orders to go on their fights back to the states to take to family and friends. We laughed when we got on the plane and found the smell of fried chicken had taken over the plane! At the end of my treatment, I was giving specific written instructions for the Bryomixol that was being sent home with me. A 90 day supply of Bryomixol and all the supplies I needed were neatly packed in a carry-on suitcase for me to take home. I was even given a CD with instructions on how to access my own portacath. The fact that I am able to self administer a treatment is so very empowering. For once in this long cancer journey, I feel like I have some control over my own health....No one telling me what to do all the time. I take the treatment in the privacy and comfort of my home. What a novel idea. If you or someone you know is dealing with cancer this is a complementary treatment worth checking into. When I went to San Salvador, I was in the middle of my 2nd cycle of Xeloda and starting to get signs of hand-foot syndrome. After returning home and continuing Bryomixol, I had no symptoms from Xeloda..... no neuropathy, no hand-foot syndrome, no GI problems. my white blood count remained normal and I was able to tolerate 9 months of Xeloda. I have increased amounts of energy and am getting a great night sleep. My friends and family say I look better than I have in years. I feel better than i have felt in years. I have currently stopped taking Xeloda and am only on Tamoxifen and Bryomixol at this time. I also take mineral/vitamin supplements and follow an organic diet with lots of fruits and veggies. I live in harmony with my cancer...not giving into the fear and have learned to treat my body like the shrine that it is. I take time out to de-stress and appreciate every day that I have. The #1 rule I follow is if God made it then eat it. It is an easy way to keep eating whole nutritious foods. Diet affects our health in ways we have never imagined. I hope this testimonial has been enlightening and encouraging. I welcome any questions. Dr. Basail has all of my contact information if you would like to speak to me personally. Yours in health. 


11/18/2008 3:16:02 PM
I am Gail Lima-Richmond, the wife of a stage IV-2 prostate & metastatic bone cancer patient named Franko Richmond. Franko is a world-class pianist/composer who was diagnosed in August 2005 by Dr. Vernon Patterson, an orthopedic/sports doc in Cleveland, Ohio. After an MRI showed cancer in the hip bones & lower lumbar, we saw a Urologist, Dr. Michael Dragrovich at St. John Westshore Hospital. Because we had no health insurance, he referred us immediately to an oncologist. We went to the Cleveland Clinic Moll Cancer Center in Cleveland, Ohio, where Dr. Timothy Spiro prescribed a CT Scan, confirmed prostate cancer, then the standard Casodex & Lupron. These were beneficial, but short term "fixes." In October 2006, the cancer came raging back. Franko stayed on 4-month injections of Lupron til June 2008. It no longer is effective. In May of 2007, I noticed Franko's cervical spine curving more forward & this concerned me. A second MRI was taken & the cancer had spread up Franko's spine. Dr. Spiro said he needed immediate radiation to prevent the tumor from pressing on his spinal chord, which could cause paralysis. We went to Cleveland Clinic Moll Cancer Center in mid-June of 2007 for 10 days of radiation, (a 3-inch wide beam to the thoracic & lumbar spine). We were told that his pain would lessen with each day of the radiation; however, the pain increased with each treatment. We learned from another doc, Dr. Nemeh in Cleveland about the product 'Ave Mar' from Hungary that was showing promising results. We ordered it, met with the distributors in NY & were led to Ed Van Overloop, a 78-year old prostate cancer survivor from NJ. We called Ed & spoke with him about Dr. Ursula Jacob & the alternative treatment Ed underwent at a clinic in Germany. We were set to go to Germany in MID-JULY 2007, when suddenly 3 days before the planned trip, I received a call from Patty McPeak, whose husband had pancreatic cancer & went to EL SALVADOR FOR A TREATMENT CALLED BRYOMIXOL, A HOMEOPATHIC/HERBAL INFUSION. One of the three wonderful doctors from El Sal, Dr. Basail was in CA & phoned us. We talked at length for an hour! "What doctor calls and speaks to you for an hour," I said to my husband. Dr. Basail asked us to consider postponing our trip to Germany and coming to El Salvador and having the BRYOMIXOL. We said that we would sleep on it & decide the next day. When we woke, I asked Franko what he thought & we both agreed that IT FELT RIGHT. THREE DAYS LATER WE FLEW TO EL SALVADOR where Dr. Miguel Reyes met us at the airport and drove us to our hotel and then to the HOSPITAL. The doctors were great, the facility clean and simple, the location within 5 minutes of our hotel and the BRYOMIXOL INTRAVENOUS INFUSION FOR 45-MINUTES DAILY FOR 10 DAYS... with a power Vitamin C drip twice....provided renewed energy and vitality to Franko. On the last day, Franko felt strong enough to go to the top of the San Salvador Volcano with me! We took a cab to near the top & he actually hiked to the crater rim with me for about 1/2 mile! I was astounded at how good he looked and felt after the 10-Day BRYOMIXOL TREATMENT. THIS IS THE HONEST TRUTH...EVERYWHERE WE HAVE BEEN FOR ALTERNATIVE TREATMENTS IN THESE 3 1/2 YEARS, EVERY DOCTOR, CLINIC, HOSPITAL KEEPS WONDERING WHY THE BRYOMIXOL TESTS THE HIGHEST AND BEST FOR FRANKO ?!! I want people to know that this BRYO is an immune booster and an immunomodulator that continues to bring my husband back from the brink! Franko has 2 - IV's per week and could benefit from 4 - IV's per week. The cost at the EL SALVADOR HOSPITAL is about $ 750. - $ 1000. per day. Follow-up bottles of the injectible BRYOMIXOL cost $200. THIS NATURAL HOMEOPATHIC/HERBAL FORMULA IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST THING WE HAVE FOUND AND IT HAS HELPED MY HUSBAND TO HEAL FROM THE INSIDE OUT. WE BELIEVE THAT HE IS GOING TO BE CANCER-FREE WITH THIS 0N-GOING BRYOMIXOL TREATMENT AND I STRONGLY RECOMMEND THT PEOPLE GO TO EL SALVADOR AND TRY THIS WONDERFUL FORMULA AS WE DID. Sincerely, Gail Lima-Richmond 


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