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Abram Ber, MD

Abram Ber, Md 
5011 North Granite Reef Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85250

Phone: 480-941-2141

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Created 6/20/2008
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Abram Ber, MD


Dr. Ber has been in the field for more than 30 years

Illnesses Treated

Modalities used by Dr. Ber include: ENVIRONMENTAL MEDICINE - Allergies to food, inhalants and chemicals treated by the use of sublingual drops to desensitize the patientsí allergic reactions. ORTHOMOLECULAR MEDICINE - Intravenous administration of vitamins and minerals. TREATMENT OF GLANDULAR WEAKNESS - Thyroid, adrenal, and non-toxic drug free hormone replacement for men and women. ANTI-AGING THERAPIES - Natural hormone replacement, supplemental programs, and newly discovered super nutrients. Chronic Health Challenges Treated: Yeast - Candida Albicans Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Allergies - Food, Environmental, and Inhalants Learning Disabilities (Focus on Children) Auto-Immune Disorders Bowel Problems i.e. Crohns, Irritable, Constipation...

Therapies/Services Provided

Dr. Abram Ber graduated from McGill University, Montreal, Canada with a medical degree and for more than 30 years has practiced holistic medicine. He made the transition from a conventional medical practice when he realized that his role as a doctor was to create a holistic wellness model. His lifelong research has produced many natural health modalities that have assisted thousands in his busy Scottsdale office. As a leading advocate for holistic medicine, he has been politically active in maintaining our freedom of health choices in Arizona. Dr. Berís use of non-invasive electro-dermal testing quickly gives him insights into creating diagnostic and therapeutic avenues to correct the imbalances of his patients and return them to wellness.

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